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Same day mobile phone screen replacement and fixes in Leeds West Yorkshire

Walk in mobile Repairs Leeds– If you live in or around Leeds and have dropped your phone and smashed the screen or have an iPad whose volume buttons no longer do the job intended, one of our same day mobile repair in Leeds Harehills Lane could be your knight in shining armour.
All you have to do is walk in, show us the damage, and we’ll do the hard work for you at a fraction of the price charged by manufacturers.
What mobile devices do you fix?
Having spent 15 years repairing mobile phones, there are very few manufacturers or models we’re unfamiliar with, but we spend most of our time with the following brands:
  • Apple (all iPhone and iPad models)
  • Samsung (the Galaxy range and Tabs)
  • Sony Xperia (formerly Sony Ericsson)
  • LG (all models)
  • HTC (all models including Nexus)
We will, however, take a look at any smartphone or tablet that requires attention, so don’t worry if your particular device isn’t listed above.
What kind of mobile phone repairs do you carry out?
Mobile phones and tablets break in many weird and wonderful ways, but there are few issues we haven’t come across before.
Here’s the most common our Leeds team of experts deals with on a daily basis:
  • Smashed screens
  • Broken iPhone home buttons
  • Battery replacements
  • Water damage repairs
  • Camera replacements
  • Speaker replacements
Unless your phone has been run over several times by a tank (although, even then, we’d still take a look), there is a very high chance the damage or inoperability yours has suffered will be fixable on the same day.
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