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Pace Sky Digibox DS445NB

Building on Pace's long-standing relationship with this operator, the DS445N delivers the highest quality MPEG-2 standard definition video, together with interactive services, such as pay-per-view (PPV), home shopping and online games. This latest set-top box is now available with a new, cosmetic look, which has been specifically designed for BSkyB to fit with this operator's range of digital set-top boxes.



Pace Sky Minibox / Javelin

This minature digibox by Pace is only 10" (254mm) wide x 7" (178mm) deep, and 1¼" (32mm) tall, making it ideal for fitting into small spaces. It is powered by a 12 volt lightweight transformer (included) making it ideal for use abroad or in a motorhome/caravan scenario, not only that the Sky Minibox has a super low threshhold tuner, great for pulling in those weak signals.

Manufacturer: Sky


Sky Digital Quad Output LNB

Official Sky quad output LNB, latest low threshold version, fits all standard Sky dishes. This unit will feed up to four standard Sky Digiboxes or two Sky Plus Digiboxes, it has a pull-down weather shield which protects the contacts against the elements.


Old price: £29.99

% £19.95

Sky Digital Remote

Perfect as a replacement or spare to operate your standard Sky box and TV. Can be used to replace a faulty remote, or can be used in conjunction with a video sender or TV Link to allow convienient control from a second room.



Sky DRX895W Sky+ HD Box 2TB

The Sky DRX895W (now called DRX895L-W) DigiBox with in-built wifi is the latest and largest official Sky+HD box to enter the market. Sky now manufacture their own set top boxes and as such all products go through more rigorous testing than any other brand offering exceptional quality with reliability to match.

Manufacturer: Sky

From £339.95

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