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ADMC Abu Dhabi Sports Card Subscription Renewal 12 Months

RENEW YOUR ABU DHABI SPORTS SUBSCRIPTION HERE! ABU DHABI SPORT (ADMC) CARD 12 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL Twelve month subscription renewal facility for existing ADMC viewers. We can renew cards bought from other dealers. Enter your unique ADMC box serial number and your unique ADMC smartcard serial number in the space provided above and we will do the rest. Re-activation takes 24 hours from the time of ordering. Box serial numbers normally consist of 14 digits and card serial numbers 11 digits.

Manufacturer: Abu Dhabi Media Corp


ADMC Abu Dhabi Sports Official Receiver and Card 12 Months

ABU DHABI SPORT (ADMC) OFFICIAL RECEIVER AND CARD Twelve month subscription to Abu Dhabi Sports full package, includes official Humax Set Top Box. Available for easy reception in North Africa and Southern European locations such as Spain, Portugal and Cyprusx. Extremely difficult to receive in the UK, requires 2.4m dish or higher.

Manufacturer: Abu Dhabi Media Corp


AzureWave AD-SP400 High Definition PC Card

AZUREWAVE AD-SP400 HIGH DEFINITION PC CARD WITH CAM SLOT Highly recommended by MobileSat High definition / standard definition PC card with common interface from AzureWave. DVB-S/DVB-S2 supported AzureWave AD-SP400 DVB-S2 CI brings you a new generation of High Definition Satellite TV DVB-S2. Users can enjoy H.264/MPEG2 HDTV via DVB-S/DVB-S2.

Manufacturer: AzureWave


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